Tenant Registration - Step 1 of 2

This is the first of two steps you need to complete in order to register for the program.

Overview and How To Video


The mission of DELCO ERA is to help tenants who are experiencing housing instability with rent and utility assistance as they recover from the disruption and loss during the COVID pandemic. The DELCO ERA Program team seeks to serve as many qualified applicants as feasible with the limited funds on hand.

There is no charge to apply to DELCO ERA. No one has been authorized to collect any fee for assisting with applying to the program.

Fraud delays our ability to serve people in need. If we identify any information that indicates a pattern of fraud, waste and/or abuse, we will reject the application. We will send you a notice detailing the discrepancies and giving you an opportunity to update your data and documentation to remedy the issues. If your updated data and documentation address the discrepancies, we will proceed with processing your application.

Fraud with ERA is both a state and federal offense. If we identify fraudulent behavior, we will notify the Delaware County District Attorney, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, US Treasury and/or Department of Homeland Security, as appropriate, for investigation and if necessary, prosecution of criminal behavior.

DELCO ERA may pursue legal avenues which could result in fines and jail. DELCO ERA will make all documentation and communication records available to law enforcement.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. We understand that you may want to submit your documentation as quickly as possible in order to speed aid from DELCO ERA. However, misstatements or incompletion documentation could be interpreted as fraud and delay your application further. Please contact DELCO ERA if you have any questions on the information or documentation required.

Checks will be made payable to the Company or Individual named below. If you are a sole proprietor or self-employed, type your First and Last Name. If a company manages the property, type the Company Name. This should match the name on your W-9 and bank account and will be used when issuing a check to you.


If you are in an apartment or suite, please include your apartment in the first line of your address:
123 Main St. Apt 102. Then wait for selection.
Watch the video if you are unsure.